I love your sweet potato chips! I'm Paleo and for the first time in ages, I was able to have nachos!   -A.D. (Chicago)


Just tried your chips for the first time. Wow!!! Really the best chips ever. Thanks!    -B.F. (Lawrence, KS)


People, these chips are unbelievably GOOD! Really, what's the catch? I keep waiting for a big "gotcha" moment... Delicious!   -M.B.


Hands down the best potato chips you can buy.    -Aaron Zober ‘The Appropriate Omnivore’


Your potato chips are the BEST -- taste AND quality! To my knowledge, you are the only company who makes any kind of "chip" without all those horrid oils.   –M.E.M.


I finally ordered your chips from Thrive Market, and opened the sweet potato chips. Oh my, they are totally worth the extra $, especially given they are 100% paleo and good for you. I had to portion out a bowl so I didn't eat them all. Will be hard to savor them! YUM!   -D.E.S. (MA)


Love your chips...finally a healthy potato chip! That taste great. ... –D.H.


Thank you so much for producing something so simple, delicious and is something I can actually eat! I have numerous diagnoses, including autoimmune, so no processed foods. I only buy veggies and meat. I can only eat cooked food, I can't do nightshades (the list goes on!), so was so pleased to see you make a sweet potato chip! I consume Organic coconut oil every day and this is quite a treat to have.

I really thank you, and am also happy that it is from where I live, Colorado! I wish you well on your journey and your family's journey to health and wellbeing. I have a feeling you are going to make a lot more people happy than you already have! –E.M.


These chips are incredible and this brand is going to be HUGE. -S.G.


I absolutely love your Sweet Potato chips! They can hardly keep them in stock at my Whole Foods. I'm resorting to buying them by the case!    -C.H.K.

My co worker was shopping at Whole Foods and was buying food to cook a meal for a friend and for some reason her card was not working and she was desperate to get home to fix this meal… and of course there was a very long line... a man behind her said … excuse me… I have a solution… at first she ignored him… finally he said again… I have a solution…my friend turned and he said I will pay for it all… and ask only one favor… please tell your friends about our chips…so this lovely man (Scott) did pay for the groceries… and my friend has shared the news about your amazing product… and I will do the same… I often have a house full of teens… my youngest and all her buds and am always trying to sneak healthful foods into their lives :-) Good things come around and around!!!!  THANK-YOU!!!! -S.D. Boulder, CO


Have you tried the purple heirloom potato chips from Jackson's Honest Chips yet? If not, you should. Holy crap they're good. And because the pretty purple means that they have 4 times the amount of antioxidants of white fleshed potatoes, they are some of the most nutritionally dense potatoes available (which makes me feel better about eating the whole bag) ‪#eatright #liverad  -Radical Roots myradicalroots.com


I changed to a paleo AIP lifestyle & your sweet potato chips are a gift from the gods!!! Thank you for keeping great ingredients simple!! -J.O.C.


Thank you!!! I just discovered your chips - I went with the Sweet Potato - they are amazing! Mostly I'm grateful that somebody finally did it right - 3 ingredients!!! Sweet potatoes, organic coconut oil, sea salt - 3 ingredients!!! Thank you so much! If all your other products are made this simply I will be trying them all. Please continue just like this, so grateful ❤️ -M.S.
I am in LOVE with your Sweet Potato Chips!!!! Thank you for them!!! -S.H.

I just wanted to let you guys know that I LOVE your chips, I don't eat them a lot, but when I do, I feel like it is a special treat. I also wanted to share a story. So a couple days ago, I went on a highlining expedition just outside of Boulder and brought some of the heirloom purple potato chips. My bag containing the unopened chips, my ipad and iphone all decided to take a tumble over the cliff, about a 100ft fall. Rappelling down, I find the bag of chips deflated and to my surprise, both the iphone and ipad still alive. I credit the bag of chips to the survival of my electronics. –T.B. Boulder, CO


You'll find that there are many people who "get it", about using healthy fats, likely many more than you thought were out here. I've been searching for a potato chip cooked in coconut oil for a long time. I'm now a devoted fan of your products! –C.VB.


I just tried your chips for the first time- OMG- the best potato chip EVER! Thank you!! –H.K.


I can’t be trusted with these in my house….so amazing! –CS


Hello, I just found Jackson’s Sweet Potato chips at my local health food store.  My family has been eating paleo for a while now.  It has always been a struggle to find paleo snacks, especially chips.I just wanted to let you know that, when I saw a whole endcap of the Sweet Potato chips, I was really excited and actually started dancing in the store.  No more settling for the next best thing, now we have paleo chips.  Thanks so much for your product and sharing your story online; it is inspirational and should motivate people to look into eating healthy. I look forward to seeing more of your products in my area.  Thanks again. -E.P. 


I just tried your Sweet Potato Chips. Wow!! Very yummy!-DKP


I can really appreciate your commitment to quality and seasonality. I admire that very much. As a professional Chef, it's refreshing to see a company embrace the same principals I live by. I am certain that is why we love your product so much. It is on point! Please stay true to your mission. Often we find great products and only a handful last. The formulas change, the product quality deteriorates and unfortunately my wife Grace is unable to enjoy them; we start from scratch. I'm hoping Jackson's Honest is one of those that endures the distance. Thank you for your amazing product, your integrity and your wonderful response. -A.T.