We Are a Family On a Mission

Jackson’s Honest: A Manifesto for Nutrient Dense Food

The dominant story of the food system for the last century has been industrialization and commodification; consumers and food companies have sacrificed nutrient density for convenience and price. We believe the manner in which we produce, distribute and consume food is unsustainable in the extreme; for the soil, the farmer, the livestock and the human race.

But this narrative is changing rapidly with the knowledge, values and behaviors that consumers associate with food production, distribution and sale; essentially, the how, why, where, when and what we eat. Driven by a combination of economics, demographics and technology, consumers are forcing change on an industry that has become stagnant and homogenized. We believe the center of gravity for these changes will revolve around a critically important factor: nutrient density.

Small independent consumer brands focused on delivering nutrient density in simple, convenient and approachable ways will have the opportunity to disrupt huge segments of the food chain and disintermediate the established brands whose businesses are optimized for profitability rather than innovation. These sets of companies, of which Jackson’s Honest is one, will reorient the food chain around nutrient density, bringing sustainability back to one of the largest and most important industries in the world.

For consumers: our mission is to encourage self-discovery by providing educational and information resources that empower them with knowledge about traditional fats, nutritional density, and the provenance of the food they purchase and how those purchasing choices affect the entire supply chain.

For manufacturers: we want to help them reconfigure their manufacturing processes to focus on traditional fats and nutritional density rather than convenience, shelf life and profit margin by, for example, assisting them in including traditional fats in their products, providing support for organic and Non-GMO certification designations, and aiding in developing markets and demand for their products.

For retailers: we want to support retailers’ own efforts to incorporate novel, difficult-to-manufacture packaged goods on their shelves that incorporate traditional fats and that are optimized for various factors, including nutritional density, genetic heritage, and sustainability.