Why “Goodness. Pass It On.”?

Every Jackson’s Honest product includes the statement: “Goodness. Pass It On.” and we want you to know that simple sentence has deep meaning to us. It captures the very essence of what we are trying to achieve with Jackson’s Honest products and Jackson’s Honest Charitable Foundation: provide snacks (that you’ll want to share!) made with traditional fats and also always be open to sharing important information about the role these traditional fats can play in our family’s diet and the role they’ve played for thousands of years in the food chain.

If you read about our history, you'll see that our own family’s journey toward the (re)discovery of traditional fats came through our son’s rare autoimmune disease. We came to appreciate the importance that traditional fats can play in human metabolism only by discovering how critical a role it played in saving his life. We were not only learning important nutrition facts for our family, we wanted to share them with others.

“Goodness. Pass It On” is all about our passion for sharing the information we have learned, the recipes we have discovered, and the products we are making with anyone and everyone who might like to rediscover the role that traditional fats can play in a healthy, balanced diet. Our aim is to pass on to friends, family, and customers the goodness in the knowledge that there are some fats that are genuinely good for you. We want to do everything in our power to reintroduce those forgotten fats back into the food chain.