The idea of Jackson’s Honest started in our crested butte kitchen…

Our son, Jackson, had been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, and we were searching for ways to ease his debilitating symptoms. We experimented with different diets and foods. Nothing worked. Then we tried replacing carbohydrates with coconut oil and other ancestral fats. Wow. We couldn’t believe how much Jackson’s health improved by following an anti-inflammatory, low carb/high fat diet.

Our whole family adopted a specific way of eating, but we missed snack foods. Who wouldn’t? We began making our own chips by slow cooking potatoes in coconut oil. We used low heat to preserve the nutritional benefits of this amazing, plant-based fat. The chips were delicious!

These chips were too good not to share with you and your family, so we started Jackson's Honest.


Megan and Scott Reamer

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