Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips reach title game in Munchie Madness at SnackNation

Just when you thought the tourney tumult had come to an end, we learned Tuesday that our Sweet Potato Chips survived a tight content in the Flavor Four (101-99!) to advance to the SnackNational Championship game.

"The health benefits of Jackson's, I think, took the day," according to one crackerjack commentator.

A healthy office snack delivery service, SnackNation has us meeting Chef’s Cut Real Chicken Jerky Buffalo Style in the title game of the Munchie Madness tournament.

“I’m rooting for the Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips,” said SnackNation snackmaster Jordan. “It’s three simple things: sweet potatoes, sea salt and a little bit of coconut oil. And that kind of healthy fat – that’s sustainable energy and some delicious sweetness all throughout the day.”

Jackson's Honest Sweet Potato Chips

Jordan punctuated his endorsement by kissing a 1.2-ounce bag of Jackson’s Honest.

Resident snack export Clara echoed the endorsement: “Cooked in coconut oil, very crispy and crunchy. Made with non-GMO potatoes. They taste amazing.”

Munchie Madness voting closes Sunday at SnackNation. Cheer for chips to claim the crown!

Wanna deliver to us 10 extra votes? Take a photo with a Jackson’s Honest bag and tag it thusly: #SnackNation #MunchieMadness.

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