Expo West: A team-building experience for Jackson's Honest

We arrived in Anaheim and were pleasantly greeted by the perfect Southern California weather. We were particularly fond of it considering we were coming from wintertime still in Colorado. We took the rest of the afternoon to get acquainted with the area, taking a stop at the Santa Monica Pier (below) and then up the PCH to Malibu for a private event with some of our paleo friends.


The preparation for Expo West has been in the works for months, yet it still seemed to have suddenly sneaked up on us. As the team was setting up the booth in the middle of meetings and some light sight-seeing, we were all amazed by how quickly time can actually fly!

As soon as we stepped into the building, there were things to be done with not a moment to spare. When we left the building that day, we had the booth assembled exactly the way that we had envisioned it coming together and celebrated with a nice dinner and a good night’s rest to prepare for the upcoming days.


Day one was off with a bang! All hands and feet on deck and lots of chips were shared. It was a steady line of people anxiously wanting to taste and learn about "the original coconut oil chip." Those wondering about new products were pleasantly surprised by the unveiling of our newest members to the lineup: Rippled Red Heirloom and the Almond Flour Jacks.

From folks who have never heard of our product to those who are some big fans, the jury was out and reported back that the nutrient-dense chips were de-lish.


It was a whirlwind of a start on Saturday morning. We had people to meet and chips to share and didn’t waste a moment getting ready for the day.

In the midst of manning the Jackson’s Honest booth, we got a chance to check out the rest of the show with the other 70,000-plus event attendees. There certainly is a LOT to see at Expo West and lots of great people to connect with!

Pictured below is Jackson's Honest founder Megan Reamer and Balanced Bites owner Diane Sanfilippo.


The last day is always the hardest, but the group kept the energy high and the visitors were just as enthusiastic as the prior days. We are grateful to all of the people who spent so much time and energy to seek us out and make it to our booth! We know that it is a lot of work getting around that place and we are very grateful to the dedicated fans and customers we have. Thank you to everyone for making it such a memorable event for us!