Jackson’s Honest jumps at opportunity to reduce retail price on potato chips

We've seen our share of growing pains since introducing “The Original Coconut Oil Chip” in 2012. This family-owned business of making organic and non-GMO potato and tortilla chips has seen sales, production and distribution increase far faster than we ever dared to imagine when we were cooking these in our kitchen in Crested Butte, Colo.

Growth has also brought opportunity. Approximately four months ago, it reached a point where Jackson’s Honest at last had a chance to reward its loyal customers – literally – by lowering prices. Last week, we were plumb delighted to introduce an everyday low price of $3.99 on potato chips in five-ounce bags.

“We dropped our everyday price by $1 on all of our potato chips except the Organic Sea Salt, which remains $4.99,” said Megan Reamer, founder of Jackson’s Honest. “As we've grown larger, we've been able to achieve some cost efficiencies, so we immediately passed those savings onto our customers.

"It was never our goal to be the most expensive chip on the shelf. We’re so proud to have been able to achieve one of our long-term aims – lowering the price of our potato chips so that more people can enjoy them more often.”

The Sea Salt, Sweet Potato, Purple Heirloom, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Cracked Pepper and Barbeque potato chips in five-ounce bags sell for $3.99 at as well as many retailers nationwide.