Jackson's Honest donates Feb. online sales to AGSAA in recognition of Rare Disease Day

Jackson's Honest Truck on July 4, 2016

Photo: Jackson's Honest co-founder Scott Reamer mans the wheel as his son Jackson rides shotgun before a boisterous crowd along Elk Avenue during the 2016 Independence Day Parade in Crested Butte, Colo. For more than a decade, the rare disease that struck Jackson at a young age went undiagnosed.

Initially, the Jackson’s Honest plan to recognize Rare Disease Day on Feb. 28 was to donate all sales proceeds from jacksonshonest.com during February to AGS Americas Association for research and clinical trials. Come March, Jackson’s Honest CEO/founder Megan Reamer had a bigger, better idea.

“Let’s donate all February sales,” said Megan. “Not merely proceeds.”


In March 2017, the Jackson's Honest team donated all online sales at jacksonshonest.com during February to AGSAA. Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome (AGS) is a rare disease with limited government funding.

“We are thrilled to receive this generous donation from Jackson's Honest," said AGSAA president Stephanie Weinberg. "There is still so much to learn about this rare autoimmune disorder. Every penny we can put toward research means the world."

The work by AGSAA is dear to the mom and pop behind the mom-and-pop business that is Jackson’s Honest.

The first of Megan and Scott's four children, Jackson began suffering troubling symptoms — weight loss, spasms, gastrointestinal distress — between his first and second birthdays. What was causing those symptoms would be a mystery for more than a decade as the Reamers visited with doctors from coast to coast in search of a diagnosis.

Without answers, as a recent Denver Post article about Jackson's Honest deftly outlined, the Reamers scrutinized what they could control: Jackson's diet. And via trail and error, the Reamers learned that the type of saturated fat found in coconut oil, in which Jackson's Honest chips are made, helped to alleviate Jackson's symptoms.

At long last in 2014, the Reamers had a diagnosis from the National Institutes of Health. AGS is a rare autoimmune disorder that mainly affects the brain, the immune system and the skin in infants and babies. For more information about AGS, visit agsamericas.org. For details on Rare Disease Day, visit rarediseaseday.org.

"Rare Disease Day and the Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome Americas Association are very important to Jackson's Honest, and we're thrilled to make a donation to this worthy cause in support of AGS research and clinical trials," said Megan, who also serves as the treasurer for AGSAA.

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