New Flavors of Tortilla Chips!

Jackson's Honest Tortilla Chips

Just in time for spring, Jackson’s Honest has unveiled four new flavors of tortilla chips made with nutrient-dense, organic coconut oil and packed with healthy, plant-based, saturated fat.

To its colorful lineup of restaurant-style tortilla chips in 10-ounce bags that already includes Yellow Corn and Blue Corn, Jackson’s Honest has added Sprouted Red Corn Tortilla Chips. Like the Yellow Corn and Blue Corn, the new Sprouted Red Corn Tortilla Chips retail at $4.99. Also like the Yellow Corn and Blue Corn, the new Sprouted Red Corn Tortilla Chips are seasoned with Real Salt brand sea salt, which is unrefined and full of natural minerals.

New to the Jackson’s Honest lineup of tortilla chips this year is sprouted corn. As their name suggests, the Sprouted Red Corn Tortilla Chips include sprouted red corn. The spouting process unlocks some of the seed’s nutrients while also lending the finished chip a deeper, nuttier flavor.

The Sprouted Red Corn Tortilla Chips from Jackson’s Honest are Non-GMO Project Verified and, of course, include no artificial colors to achieve their nearly burgundy hue.

To parallel its offerings in restaurant-style tortilla chips, Jackson’s Honest has added three flavors of seasoned tortilla chips to its portfolio of coconut oil chips.

The Lime & Sea Salt Tortilla Chips are made with heritage, stone-ground, organic white corn. When it comes to chips and dip — be it salsa, hummus, guacamole, bean, queso — the Lime & Sea Salt Tortilla Chips make for a clean, crispy canvas. They’re entirely snack-worthy on the their own, too.

The Salsa Fresca Tortilla Chips are not entirely new. First offered by Jackson’s Honest in 10-ounce bags, these chips seasoned with a proprietary blend of spices quickly developed a near cult following. To allow for a more pleasant snacking experience, Jackson’s Honest has repackaged the Salsa Fresca Tortilla Chips in 5.5-ounce bags.

With its third flavor of seasoned tortilla chips, Jackson’s Honest went sweet with Maple Cinnamon Churro Tortilla Chips, which include organic maple syrup. These chips are sure to earn their share of enthusiasts, much like the Maple Cinnamon Sweet Potato Chips did upon their release last autumn.

All three of the flavored tortilla chips from Jackson’s Honest retail for $3.99 in 5.5-ounce bags. Each flavor is certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and gluten-free.

In March 2017, the new Sprouted Red Corn Tortilla Chips, Lime & Sea Salt Tortilla Chips, Salsa Fresca Tortilla Chips and Maple Cinnamon Churro Tortilla Chips started to hit the shelves of Natural Grocers and Whole Foods (Rocky Mountain region). All of the new coconut oil tortilla chips will be available at on March 31.

Like its complete line of potato chips and tortilla chips, the new tortilla chips are cooked in small batches “low and “slow” in nutrient-dense, organic coconut oil, which packs the chips with healthy, plant-based, saturated fat.


About Jackson’s Honest

Jackson’s Honest offers 10-plus varieties of organic and Non-GMO Project Verified potato chips and tortilla chips, each cooked “low and slow” in organic coconut oil for the utmost in flavor and nutrition. Jackson’s Honest started in 2012 in Crested Butte, Colo., where founder/CEO Megan Reamer and her husband first started frying chips in their kitchen as a way to incorporate healthy, saturated fats into the diet of their four children, one of whom is stricken with a rare autoimmune disease. Jackson’s Honest can now be found nationwide in 3,000-plus stores from larger chains to local co-ops and also online, including


Delicious, safe chips for our multiple food allergy family, including our seed allergic son, who had gone without chips for five years before we found this wonderful snack product! Light and airy, crunchy and satisfying!