New Years' Resolution WINNER

In our January newsletter, we chose one lucky winner that we will follow for the year and help support their efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle rich with good fats!

Elizabeth wrote to us about her resolution to cultivate her life...

“In 2016 I want to CULTIVATE my life! I want to work to improve my health, continue building my marriage and our home, strengthen and develop my friendships, and focus on taking care of my entire self.”

We chose Elizabeth as the winner because of her strong inspiration to want to be an overall better person inside and out. Once a month we will check in with her and see how the cultivation is coming along.

As part of our Goodness. Pass it on., we will be sending Elizabeth 6 bags of chips each month. One of the bags will be goodness that she has agreed to pass on.

Thank you for your dedication to health and desire for wellness inside and out!