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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our chips are made in a facility that processes dairy but there are strict protocols in place to eliminate cross contamination. 

Our chips are made in a nut-free facility. 


Please send inquiries to  

Please send us an email at or submit an inquiry on the Contact Us page


We cook these chips 'low and slow' which means using low-temperature frying and taking almost 10 times longer than other chips. This helps keep the molecular integrity of the coconut oil intact. This has been a process we developed over many years. Each potato variety has a different character that is a function of the time of the year as well as where the potatoes are grown. This requires a slightly different cooking process for all the different fields from which our potatoes are harvested. Our low and slow cooking process has another consequence: our potato chips retain much of the potato's natural smell and flavor. One of the most common responses we get from customers is: “These actually smell like potatoes!”; this is one of the most exciting pieces of feedback we receive. This is particularly true for our Sweet Potato and Purple Heirloom varieties. 


If you don't see a certain flavor that you'd like to try, please place your request with your local grocery store.

We are selling our products in the Rocky Mountain, Southern Pacific and Southwest regions of Whole Foods Markets, Natural Grocers, Thrive Market and many other natural foods retailers.